Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Watched alot of baseball yesterday, starting with the rare Monday Afternoon game with the Yanks and Jays. Yes the Yanks won, thanks to Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano (by the way, the YES announcers were looking for a nickname for those two yesterday, suggestions ranged from C+C boys, C+C crew, etc. Why not the the C+C Line Drive Factory?) Luis Vizcaino is a one inning guy, Jim Brower didn't make any new fans yesterday, and Kyle Farnsworth is, well, Kyle Farnsworth. Mo Rivera cannot and should not pitch in the 8th inning, ever (do not get me started on closers pitching more than one inning, or pitching in a non-save situation. In fact, I may have a rant about that on Thursday or Friday). Will Joba Chamberlain be the answer? Is it possible he could pitch the 7th, Vizcaino the 8th and Mo the 9th? I certainly hope so, and Bomber fans better certainly hope so.

Curt Schilling returned for the BoSox last night with not quite Schilling(instead of thrilling, I am on FIRE today!) results. He got bitten by a couple of hanging splitters and a bone-headed defensive play in which he didn't cover first base. No word yet on whether the slight finger injury hurt his splitter last night, but it wouldn't shock me if it did. The Angels continue to have the best bullpen in baseball and win because of it more often than not. How much better would this team be with a, oh I don't know, big bat behind Vladdy Guerrero? Also, Red Sox fans who attend road games are becoming a nationwide phenomenon, and last night's game was no exception. I pose this question to all of you out there, are Red Sox fans becoming more obnoxious than Yankees fans?

Paul Byrd shut down the Twins last night, and the Tigers parlayed the D-Rays bullpen woes and a horrific exhange between BJ Upton and Carl Crawford into a 6-4 come from behind win. No word yet on if A-Rod was in the stands yelling "I got it" to screw with Carl Crawford's mind. Fernando Rodney is back for the Tigers, and you could tell it helped their team just knowing they had at least one guy they could rely on.

I was wrong, Barry is still on 755. He had a chance at one in the first inning, but popped it up in foul ground and it was caught by a hustling Ryan Zimmerman. God I hope this is over soon. I know it is baseball history and all, but it is starting to fell like a colonoscopy that is going horribly wrong.

On the legal beat Knicks center Randolph Morris was arrested in Lexington, KY this morning on a charge of reckless driving. No , Zach Randolph wasn't with him. I am also pretty sure Tim Donaghy nor Rick Tocchet had posted any odds on the first Knick to get into legal trouble, but I think Morris would have been a longshot at 25-1.

Asante Samuel's agent has imposed a no information moratorium, in other words "If no progress is being made, we are not talking". Can't they trade this guy to Washington for 2 number one picks and a second rounder at some point? It's apparent that Asante wants to "Get Paid", send him somewhere where they will pay him.

That's all for today unless something nutty hits the rounds today. No splog tomorrow, be back on Thursday.



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