Friday, September 07, 2007

The Long Overdue Post

I am not going to start off with the NFL quite yet. Something else really made me happy and I had to talk about it right now. Dave Littlefield was fired today as GM of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Thank freaking god. I have a strong belief that when teams with storied histories (Pittsburgh, Dodgers, St Louis, Boston, New York, Baltimore, Giants etc.) contend again, it is tremendous for baseball, simply because all those fans that haven't been around since the last time the team was good show up again (like the Yankees in the 90's). Littlefield has been screwing the pooch with this team for quite some time. routinely signing players in the offseason and trading them before the deadline, generally not geting much in return. He may be the worst drafter in history. Hopefully someone with half a brain and a vision for this team's future (aka the anti-Jim Bowden) gets picked for this opening.

Indy really layed it down on New Orleans last night. This is not surprising for two reasons. 1, the Colts are really good a home and they raised the banner last night. 2, the Saints are in the NFC, which deludes their accomplishments from last year a bit. Did anyone else think that Reggie Bush was dancing around instead of running straight ahead a bit too much last night? It will be interesting to see that young Indy line against an actual defense at some point.

I have been a Patriots fan since 1985. Never have I been this worried about a team, especially one that is heavily favored to go all the way. Tom Brady still has a sore shoulder, and now has a baby on the left coast. Rodney Harrison has now attracted some unwanted attention with a brilliant order of HGH. No one actually knows how injured Richard Seymour's knee is. Randy Moss has yet to play in game action. Donte Stallworth is due for a hamstring injury any second. Last year proved that the Patriots need home field advantage, at the very least they need a first round bye, if they are going to make to the Super Bowl. The AFC is absolutely loaded, I wouldn't put a ton of money on the Pats to win it all just yet.

I adopted the Titans as a secondary team from my time in Nashville in the late 90's. I wonder if they will take a step back this year or take a step forward. I wonder if Vince Young will tear his ACL or tear his Achilles. I wonder if Pacman Jones being gone will help this team mentally. Is Bo Scaife the tight end they have been looking for since Frank Wycheck left? Is the defense going to be any better this year? Don't they have to be? 2 more days until the Sunday ticket, yee-hah!



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