Thursday, August 09, 2007


Of course Barry Bonds decides to break the homerun record on a Tuesday night. That's how it works when you decide to not write a blog update on Wednesday. Thankfully, he hit no.757 last night, although not nearly with the fanfare given to the last 22 previously. In my view anything that keeps Pedro Gomez's mismatching hair and eyebrow combo off my hi-def is ok by me. The speculation has already started on where Bonds will play next year, and it will probably be in the American League, where he can dh and not totally destroy a team with his declining outfield abilities. I can't see him in Detroit, Boston, New York, Toronto, or Cleveland due to their already crowded DH situations. I can't see Barry playing for Tampa, Baltimore, Texas, Chicago, Kansas City or Minnesota either, as either the market would be too small or he just wouldn't be a good fit (especially in Chicago with AJ Pierzynski, yeesh). That leaves possible destinations in Oakland (this was discussed last winter and Billy Beane wasn't a big fan), the Angels (This wouldn't require Stoneman to trade a prospect, but they have not really been hard charging after Piazza, who is very affordable, why would they get into a 7-10 million bidding war for a DH?) and my logical pick, Seattle (they could use the offense, the pr, and if any nosey reporters started to bug Barry, the Mariner Moose could run them down on his ATV), although they currently have Jose Vidro holding down the DH fort. This will be very interesting, to say the least.

The Red Sox won a wild one in Anaheim last night, and the game didn't end until a little after 2am on the East Coast. Eric Gagne hasn't been the shut down guy the Sox thought they were acquiring over a week ago, I wonder if anyone is a little nervous about this in "The Nation" and has started having flashbacks to the Larry Anderson trade. Yes, I know, a cheap shot, but hey it didn't cross your mind once? Like when when the Yanks signed Jason Giambi it didn't bring flashbacks of Ken Phelps and Steve Balboni? Like it or not every free agent pitcher from now on is going to have to erase any comparison to Matt Clement, Carl Pavano, Jack McDowell or Barry Zito whenever they sign a large deal. Bad free agent signings are like a bad relationship, sometimes even when you see the warning signs you can't stop yourself (see JD Drew, Edgar Renteria, and Kyle Farnsworth for reference).

The Rockies absolutely hammered young Yovanni Gallardo and the Brew Crew yesterday. However, in Houston, Roy Oswalt shut down the Cubs and Big Z, keeping the Cubs out of first place again. Creeping up from behind in the NL Central? The once-dead St Louis Cardinals. Hey, how about a post-season without Tony LaRussa for once? Please?

Reggie Miller returning to the NBA to play for the Celtics? I will believe it when I see it.

Brady Quinn finally made it into Browns camp, however, picture this (no not Brady Quinn's sister). 2 rookies and two veterans listening to bad advice from agents, living in the same house and hoping to "Get Paid" (directly from Asanta Samuel's tattoo)? We already have inside training camp and Hardknocks, how much fun would it be to see JaMarcus Russell, Darrelle Revis, Asante Samuel and Larry Johson share a house together during their holdouts? How they would react to press clippings and quotes? Listening to what their agents tell them? That wouldn't be better than the 1989 version of NFL Follies? Toss in Michael Strahan and his family drama, and you have some high rated shows (even though Time Warner refuses to budge and let the NFLN on their system) God, I wish I was a producer, that way a show like that or maybe even a show where a recently retired player is followed around for a year (for instance, Drew Bledsoe's transition to civilian life could be followed this year) or "Cut", a story of how a guy tries to stick with one team, or maybe ends up in the CFL. There are so many stories that are not being told that could be.

Big game of the day in MLB, Braves/Mets this afternoon. Sit down and enjoy it if you can, because now that the Bonds watch is over, it's time to get some attention on the pennant races.

See you kids tomorrow....



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