Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Afternoon Channel Surfing, Part 2

Nick Swisher is still batting lead-off for the Pale Hose. The Tribe has Jake Westbrook on the mound today, and according to the Atlanta Braves, Westbrook is primed to have a big year. Apparently he has made some changes in his approach, we will see if this is your typical "he had a great offseason" type of stuff or if he really did make a change.

Swisher flies to center, Orlando Cabrera grounds to short. This of course brings Jim Thome to the plate, greeted by a short chorus of boos from the Cleveland faithful. Quick grounder to first and the Sox are down after a 5 pitch inning from Westbrook. Great work on that plate discipline Chicago!

John Danks (no relation to Chris Sedenka), outruns Grady "overrated" Sizemore to first on a drag bunt attempt. One pitch, one out. By the way did I mention this game is coming from Progressive Field (no longer Jacobs Field)?

I would like to commend CSN Chicago for actually making the HD look like HD today, opening day looked like a really sharp crayon drawing. Another quick inning, this time an 8 pitch inning, and we have no score from Cleveland.



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