Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Well, Kansas proved that sport sim right (that has magically gone missing from ESPN), they won. Of course, Memphis also gave them another gift with the title, a house made of brick. Maybe they can build it in Oklahoma for Bill Self.

Roy Williams wearing the KU sweater last night, I bet that went over well in Chapel Hill.

Esteban Loiaza got hammered last night, oh and he pitched badly too. In other Dodger news Joe Torre is now basically screwing with Matt Kemp by jerking him around with the ineffective Juan Pierre. Good times!

Francisco Rodriguez blew a save last night and owes Torii Hunter dinner for bailing him out. K-Rod may be on the shelf for a while with sprained ankles, my fantasy team is real thrilled with that. Paging Troy Percival....

Red Sox Opening day is today and there is a huge mystery around who is throwing out the first pitch. Apparently, as I stated this morning on the Big Jab it is none other than the legend himself.

The Bucs and Cubbies played a wild one yesterday. The Bucs blew a chance to win it the 9th when with a runer on third and 1 out, Jose Bautista inexplicably layed down the worst bunt ever. From MLB.com
Jose Bautista followed and bunted the first pitch he saw down the first-base line. The idea was that, with the infield playing at double-play depth, a bunt toward second base should give Bixler time enough to sprint home from third.
"They didn't put the sign on. That was something I decided to do," said a still agitated Bautista afterward. "It was a good idea. The game's on the line. We worked on the play several times in Spring Training, so I figured why not [try it]?"
That is, if it works correctly.
But Bixler never broke. And Bautista was easily tagged out.

In other words, Jose Bautista is a complete moron and should be publicly flogged for not trying to hit a flyball to win the game.

Going to settle and watch some baseball, god I love April!

Oh wait, the flags of Red Sox Nation, someone page Hank Steinbrenner!



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