Monday, April 07, 2008


A weekend of recaps....

A sports simulation company announced Friday they had Kansas winning the Final Four (that article has magically vanished from They are halfway there as KU squares off against Memphis and John Calipari's hair tonight. Thank god this game starts at 9pm, I didn't want to get to bed before midnight.

The Rays and Jays dominated the Yankees and Red Sox this weekend, respectively. The Orioles are 4-1, the Tigers are 0-6, and the Mariners forgot to do something about their bullpen in the offseason. The American League is going to be wild this year.

In the "Matty Preferred Circuit", or as some of you call it the National League, the St Louis Cardinals are 5-1, the D'Backs swept the Rockies, and the Mets gave Johan Santana no run support. Oh and the first inning and pregame show of yesterday's Pads/Dodgers game was broadcast in spanish accidentally on Directv's Extra Innings. That was interesting to say the least.

Warriors/Nuggets are still tied for the 8th seed in the NBA's Western Conference after both lost yesterday. The Hornets nailed GSW, which is acceptable. The Nugs lost to Seattle/Oklahoma City, which is inexcusable for a team trying o clinch a playoff berth.

The NFL Draft is getting closer and closer, and still no word about who the consensus number one pick is going to be. Matt Ryan is the person I think it will be, if not him it will be Chis Long. The intriguing subplot to this draft is what will the Patriots do with pick no.7, trade it or keep it? The answer to that obviously is dependent on where Darren McFadden drops to.

The NHL FINALLY finished their season yesterday. My Islanders are not in the playoffs, but they are in the draft lottery , which will be on Versus(Directv Channel 604) tonight at 8pm (it will be better than listening to Clark Kellog , you know it and I know it). The Habs and Bruins will be meeting in the first round. Prediction for the Finals-Montreal-San Jose.

What do Jake Peavy, Kenny Rogers, and Poppy from "Seinfeld" have in common? I wouldn't want any of them cooking me a meal...

In Fantasy Baseball news my pitching for both pay leagues is top-tier, my offense has yet to wake up though. By the way, could Jose Reyes steal a base at some point please?

In breaking news Pacman Jones is still suspended, Chad Johnson is still T-O Part Deux, and Bartolo Colon is still Sid Fernadez's love child.

Oh and completely unrelated to sports in any way, the Season 4 premier for Doctor Who got over 10 million viewers for a 39.4% share in Great Britain, making it into the top 10 of all programs for the week. Oh, and it rocked!



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