Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Angels Put the Bill Stoneman Era Behind Them

Welcome to the top of the heap, Angels fans. Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Mark Teixeira is heading to Orange County for Casey Kotchman and Stephen Marek. This is a great move by the Angels, and I want to thank them for proving me wrong when I said earlier on this very blog that they wouldn't pull the trigger. In the era of former GM Bill Stoneman, they never traded for anyone. They finally got some lineup protection for Vlad Guerrero, and if they lose Teixeira, oh well, they get two first round picks next year. For the Braves, they get a proven commodity in Kotchman to play first base, something they need, and he will be under their control for 3 years. Beers all around....


Anonymous said...

Great deal for them as it solidifies them being the top team in the AL and possibly the bigs.

Anonymous said...

I think only the largest homer around would think the Angles are not the favorites to win this thing

Anonymous said...

Not just a homer, someone who does not follow baseball outside of New England....the Angels have everything and are the best team in the bigs


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