Wednesday, July 16, 2008

James Posey Gets Paid

The only problem is he will be cashing his checks in Louisiana, and they will be signed by George Shinn. The New Orleans Hornets gave Posey 4 years and 25 million dollars to do exactly what he did in Boston and Miami. Look, Posey was great and he did exactly was asked, but for 25 million bucks? Nope, glad the Celtics held the line here. Not worth 4 years for a defender and 3 point specialist, especially on the Celtics. These are the type of contracts teams look to unload in 2 years. Thank you James Posey, you will be missed, but the Celtics were not going to pay that much for that long. You earned your contract, enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Could someone fill me in on something.....why are so many people crying over the loss of Posey? Where was all of this fanfare when we acquired him in the offseason? What the fuck is wrong with some sports fans? Wrong week to stop sniffing glue I guess.

MattyMSM said...

Because everyone looks for that player whose value can't be measured in dollars. It's the same people who were upset that Doug Mirabelli was traded to San Diego, or Yankee fans that were stunned when Bernie Williams wasn't asked back. Posey averaged 8 points game, if you max out the mid-level with him for 4 years you are stuck with him in his declining years. This was not a bad move by the Celts, I thought it was smart. It sucks, but that's business.


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