Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manny is a Marlin? (Tentatively)?

Update-7/31/2008 9:06 am
Trade still not official, however when Marlins beat writers put something up like this I will link to it. I have a hunch this is going to be official this afternoon. It was classified as dead at 1pm est.

7/31/2008 12:08 am
The Palm Beach Post is reporting that a tentative deal is in place to send Manny Ramirez to Florida, Jeremy Hermida to Pittsburgh, and Jason Bay and John Grabow to Boston. The Sox will also cover Manny's contract for the rest of the season, and Pittsburgh will get 4 prospects as well as Hermida. Win-Win deal for everyone, and who would have thought that amongst the Phillies, Mets, and Marlins, the Marlins would get the impact bat? Certainly not I. How did the Manny era end?(if this goes through) With a fly out to center field in the 8th inning on July 30th, 2008. More links in the morning, and an updated podcast from tonight as well.


Chris said...

Jason Bay comes to Boston? The thing I like the most about this is that it keeps him away from the Rays.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you jump to gun way too much. Manny is not a tentative Marlin. They certainly are still working on a deal however The rays are still trying to grab Bay.

Dude, try to qualify your posts and finally, use more than one source, please. I mean I like the blog, but WAAAAYYYY to much passing off speculation as fact.

Anonymous said...

There are so many positives to this deal...I really like that they are picking up John Grabow.

I will be interested to see how the clubhouse responds and will Manny receive scathing comments from his soon to be former mates.

MattyMSM said...

The line from the article that this was linked to said a tentative deal is in place, hence the headline. In my defense I forgot to add the question mark....

Anonymous said...

And everyone was reporting wasn't until this morning that we learn the deal is not as close as once thought...that's how these things go, it is all mere speculation because with negotiations occurring, the only info that gets leaked is by some unpaid intern whose tasks include, among other things, being the juice box boy for the GM.


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