Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday MLB Trade Update and Rumors


Chicago seems to be a player this AM. Chicago is trying to land Huston Street from the A's and apparently they have acquired Ken Griffey, Jr. This deal is contingent on Griffey approving the trade because of those pesky 10/5 rights.
Update 11:35 AM: per Ken Rosenthal, Griffey has approved the deal...

The AP is reporting there is nothing imminent in the Manny deal.

The KC Star is reporting that the Twins are looking for a second baseman.

The Tampa Rays are still looking to get Jason Bay, obviously if the Red Sox don't get him, but will also look at Adam Dunn, Craig Monroe, Jayson Werth.

Mike Jacobs to San Francisco for Bengie Molina? Rich Aurilia to Minnesota? Omar Vizquel to the Dodgers? Giants Trade rumors here. Ray Ratto had a great column about the differences between Billy Beane and Brian Sabean.

Chad Billingsley pitched a complete game shutout last night for the Dodgers. Rumors have the the Dodgers re-acquiring Greg Maddux, but Frank McCourt is concerned about Ned Colletti adding payroll (allegedly). Maybe if you hadn't signed off on the Andruw Jones and Jason Schmidt's deal financial flexibility wouldn't be a problem.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette summarizes the Jason Bay options they have. I wouldn't be surprised if the Pirates demand a lot more for Bay than they did for Nady and Marte, because they were widely criticized for what they took back in that deal. Bay would be under any team's control through 2009.

The Twins are looking at moving Boof Bonser, which would clear the way for Francisco Liriano to return to the rotation. That might be the type of jolt the Twins need to make a run.


The Minnesota Star Tribune is reporting(courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) that the packers may now consider trading Brett Favre to the Vikings. If the Packers want to unpaint themselves from the corner, they pretty much have no other option then to get what they can from the Vikings. Besides if Aaron Rodgers is as good as they think, the Vikings shouldn't be a threat, right?

John Lynch is leaving the Broncos.


The Bulls may move Larry Hughes, could acquire Brad Miller, and are now trying to get Ben Gordon signed long term.

Jazz fans hypothesize on a Josh Smith for Carlos Boozer deal. Still no movement on those trade rumors from over the weekend, although the Dallas Mavericks have been mentioned as a possible destination, as have the Golden St Warriors.


The New York Islanders have eliminated a candidate for their head coaching job, or maybe he eliminated them.


Anonymous said...

The Sox are going to have to shuffle their outfield and probably move Swisher to first....but do you play Junior is CF?


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