Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sean McAdam

Sean McAdam answered a couple of questions for me in regards to who the Red Sox might want if Manny doesn't make it to the trade deadline.

Me: If the Sox do something about this Manny thing before the deadline, I assume they will be looking for a power-hitting outfielder. Would they go after Adam Dunn or do they share JP Ricciardi's sentiments on him?

Sean: They're not big fans of Dunn; despite four straight 40-homer seasons, he doesn't drive in runs. His BA with RISP is brutal -- something like .240, I think. Also, Fenway isn't the best ballpark for a lefty power hitter.

Me: Is Matt Holliday still on the market or do the Rockies still think they have a shot in the mediocre NL West?

Sean: They like him(Holliday) more, but he's very expensive -- in terms of what the Rockies would be looking for -- and his home/road splits are a concern.

Thanks to Sean for answering a couple of questions. You can read more from him here.


Anonymous said...

Dunn is a hole in the middle of that Reds' lineup. He is perhaps the most one-dimensional hitter in the bigs given his high K totals, inability to use the whole field, etc.


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