Saturday, August 30, 2008

Around the NFL

The Pats cut four players and have another 14 cuts to make in order to get to the 53 man limit.

Former Pats LB Rosey Colvin was cut by the Texans.

Chad Henne looks to have the backup job in Miami secure as Josh McCown was dealt.

Matt Hasselbeck may be throwing to himself this year.

The Cowboys fill a hole on their offensive line while they have some issues at receiver.

Surprise, suprise, Al Davis is feuding with his coach.

Phillip Rivers wants to work on his image.....or he finally realized LT is why he is a winning QB.

Buffalo and their All-Pro LT remain at loggerheads.

The New Jersey Jets are not worried about the play of one of their rookies.....yet.

Cadillac Williams will have to wait to try to reclaim his starting job.

Braylon Edwards says he will be ready for the opener while explaining how he missed three weeks of practice.

Mike Tomlin expects things to improve in the Steel Ciy in his second year.


Kevin Faulk received a one game suspension for drug possession.

Rudi Johnson got his walking papers. 


MattyMSM said...

In fairness "first-rounder" rolls off the tongue better than "First day-picks", and when you are rushing to get things done a slip-up can be made, especially when it's a holiday weekend and no one is peering over anyone's shoulder. It has been edited and you have been given credit. Maybe I will start a points system and you can redeem your points for prizes.


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