Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Links

Sorry so late on these....


Manny Ramirez -The Fall-Out. The Dodgers seem genuinely excited that he is on board, especially Nomar. Bill Plaschke has an opinion, as always, but I do agree that how the Dodgers fare this season is contingent on Manny tearing the cover off the ball. The Dodgers showed why they needed a bat last night in a 2-1 lost to the first place D'Backs. Frank McCourt said last night that Manny was expected to play tonight.

In Boston, Dan Shaughnessy, who was the leader of the "Get Manny Out of Here Brigade" asks if Red Sox Nation will miss Manny. Gerry Callahan felt compelled to share a Manny story, and it certainly isn't of the feel good variety. Tony Massarotti says that Manny got his wish.

Jason Bay is getting the call-up to Boston, so the Globe gives you 30 things you should know about him. He will be fine if he just tries to be Jason Bay, and doesn't try to be Manny Ramirez.

The Pittsburgh Pirates were glowing about their haul yesterday, and Paul Meyer points out why they should be so happy. Definitely a better deal than the Nady/Marte deal....

Ken Griffey, Jr will be in the lineup tonight for the White Sox and will be in center field, more than likely. Griffey has been in the playoffs since 1997.

The Nationals cleaned house and three players are free to get jobs somewhere else now. They won't be out of work for long, I am willing to bet.


Brett Favre may be leaning towards retirement and becoming the Packers goodwill ambassador. This may be the best move for all involved, especially people who have to report news and post links.

Tarvaris Jackson is looking better for the Vikings.

Chris Henry will be suspended for the first 4 games of next season, if someone picks him up.


The Josh Smith/Hawks saga is, what Admiral Stockdale once called it, "gridlock".

White Chocolate may be headed for the holy land


Scotty Bowman is back, and with the Blackhawks, but as a member of the front office.



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