Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manny Loves LA, Bay to Beantown, Pitt Restocks Farm

The Manny Ramirez saga finally came to a merciful end this afternoon, with the Dodgers snagging the disgruntled outfielder for Andy LaRoche and Bryan Morris (who were sent to Pittsburgh). The Pirates sent Jason Bay to Boston, who gave up Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen (also to Pittsburgh). The Sox are also playing Manny's salary for the rest of this year as well. Thanks to everyone in the live chat this afternoon for being there during this.

Instant Analysis? Manny gives the Dodgers the bat they have needed for years, Bay gives the Red Sox a more than capable replacement in left, and the Pirates get a much better haul than they did in the Nady/Marte deal. Like this deal all the way around.


Anonymous said...

I know some think Boston gave up too much....they dumped a headache, a reliever who cannot get outs, and an outfielder who would have to wait to get a chance....not really unloading needed pieces.

Perhas they could have received more, but what are they going to get for Hansen and Moss?


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