Thursday, August 07, 2008

NY Jets/Cleveland Browns Live Blog

Brett Favre is not playing tonight, but I have a hunch we may hear about him tonight. He is in the building, however, I'm sure there will be some type of awkward sideline interview. Ian Eagle and Greg Buttle (I wonder if he knows Dick Pole or Rusty Kuntz) are announcing, Sam Ryan is talking to Mike Tannenbaum on the sidelines before the kickoff, so we have officially begun. The game is from Cleveland and the drama is all real...

7:35- Tannenbaum wishes Chad Pennington the best, I am sure going to Miami won't be a huge issue for him (especially in the winter).

7:36 pm- Favre is on the sidelines, hooked up with a headset and talking to Kellen Clemens. I wonder what his first words to HIM were?

7:38 pm- Kickoff, Jets have won the toss, and it's on!

7:39- Clemens is on the field and the Jets start from their own 23. The first play is a well thought out original sweep to the right for Thomas Jones. Damien Woody is starting tonight, and amazingly he is down to only 2 chins. Clemens completes a deep out to Jericho Cotchery for a first down to the Jets 41. Eric Mangini looks nervous, not really sure why. Perhaps he keeps looking out for someone the Patriots hired to off him. Clemens completes a 6 yard pass to Chris Baker, who is "at peace" with his contract situation (definition-I can't do a damn thing about it). Who needs that Favre guy? Tony Richardson (when did he sign with the Jets) runs for a first down and the Browns defense continues to look stellar. 3rd and 3 and the pass is complete to Leon Washington, but not for enough, which sets up the single worst looking QB sneal ever on 4th and 1, which amounts to nothing. Change sides, commercial.

7:46 pm- Jamal Lewis takes the opening handoff for 12 yards and the Browns offensive season is under way. Derek Anderson is starting, and can't figure out why Brady Quinn is holding a voodoo doll of him. A complete pass to Dontae' Stallworth and the Browns have another first down. Stallworth usually has a hamstring injury at this point, I'm stunned he is on the field. We also get our first flag, a defensive pass interference call on Justin Miller, and Buttle doesn't like it at all. Jamal Lewis with a nifty one-handed catch for 3 yards. Anderson then scrambles 7 yards for a first down, and Quinn;s eyes well up with tears (not really, but maybe). One play later and Braylon Edwards catches a ball thrown behind him for a touchdown, and it's 7-0 Browns.

7:55pm- Leon Washington gets 27 yards back for the Jets and Clemens is back on the field. Luckily CBS is already in regular season form and goes to commercial right after kickoff, which is something I absolutely love to death. Oh great G2 commercials, please stop it already. Oh awesome, lightning delay. Buttle "That's what you get when you are on the lake, brother!" Hulk Hogan wants royalties for that Buttle. More Buttle goodness "This is like the lightning that struck last night when Brett Favre was traded to the Jets". I can't imagine why none of the big networks have picked this guy up yet. -A little more Favre love, and we are off to commercial.

9:00pm- We are back from the rain delay, and it;s 2nd and 5 for Clemens and the Jets. He manages to throw an awful looking pass on both second and third downs and the Jets are punting. One hour weaher delay and thjose are the two best plays you have? Really? They manage to stay away from a commercial and Brady Quinn is in the game. All of Crennels back-ups are in. Eagle pokes a bit of fun at Quinn for holding out last year, which has really cost him money, playing time, and pride. Jerome Harrison from Washington ST runs for a first down and the drive is alive.

9:12pm- Cedric Steptoe (more on that later) deflects a pass he should have caught, and Brady Quinn has an interception. All of a sudden being the poster child for a gay dating sight is starting to look pretty good...

9:14pm- Ratliff to Clowney 71 yard touchdown for the Jets. No way we ever hear that again, ever. Erik Ainge, Danny's nephew, will play for the Jets tonight, btw...

9:18pm- Joe Namath is on the phone, and the booth is laughing but noone can hear him. Maybe it is better that way. Going to commercial, they will have more with Namatah when they come back (The production crew is strug-a-ling).

9:20pm- We are back and there is STILL NO AUDIO! Great work CBS2, great work. Buttle is really asking some tough questions, I would absolutely LOVE to have the answers to them. Oh that was funny apparently, no idea if I can confirm that. So for all we know they weren't really talking to Namath so they could avoid another Suzy Kolber incident, but we'll never know. Meanwhile Quinn leads the Browns on touchdown drive that is capped off by a Jason Wright TD run form 1 yard out, 14-7 Browns.

9:45- Jets get a Field Goal right before the half and the score is 14-10 Browns at Half. Not a ton left, will continue to update sporadically.



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