Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fitzy...You Da Man!

Most of you CMSB readers are well aware of Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald, those who are not, go here or here and laugh your a** off. Well I had some free time this morning and I found that the Shredd and Ragan Show on a radio station up in Buffalo had started a classless promotion to see who could make the best Bernard Pollard Bust..yes the same Bernard Pollard that ruined Tom Brady's season. Anyway, an email campaign was waged and even before I could enlist the CMSB readers, we got the contest pulled! YEAH! Feel free to go to Shredd and Ragan's site and rant away at how tasteless a promotion that was..I sure have. Anyway, thanks to Fitzy for giving us a shoutout and Fitzy...please feel free to join us on the Sports Vortex anytime, we would love to have you.

Just in case you people still don't know who Fitzy is, here is a classic for those of you that remember the Britney Spears lover Chris Crocker, who ranted on YouTube...well here is Fitzy's take on a subject we are all to familiar with...



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