Thursday, September 11, 2008


In case you went to bed, just got up, or were one of the hundreds of fans who left "America's Most Beloved Ballpark" (way to go Red Sox Nation), the Tampa Rays extended their lead over Boston to 2 and a half games with 4-2 win last night, in 14 innings. Sox fans are all over Mike Timlin this morning, but Tony Massarotti doesn't believe that's right.

The LA Angels took a bath in various alcohols yesterday as they clinched the AL West.

Lou Piniella said "Our pitchers have to go out and kick someone's ass". Ted Lilly took that literally, and was the Pete Rose to Yadier Molina's Ray Fosse.

The Brewers finally pulled out a win against the Reds.

The Dodgers extended their lead in the NL West, thanks to Manny Ramirez.


The Colts waived DT Ed Johnson after an arrest for marijuana possession.

Lane Kiffin showed the world why this will be his last season "coaching" the Raiders.

The Cleveland Browns secondary issues just got worse.

I have appointed myself the President of the Matt Cassel Fan Club.



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