Sunday, September 14, 2008

LIVE Pats - Jets Blog

4:19 Pats win toss and defer to Jets, Jets moving down field 2 nice throws by Favre and couple of runs by Jones

4:23 Jets drive deep in Pats territory and Jay Feely.....MISSES!!! NADA for the Jets. The Matt Cassell Era begins!

4:29 Drive starts. Nice completion to Faulk. Another nice completion to WWW. Cassel driving the Pats downfield and has his 1st incompletion in the end zone. Looked like Pats were about to run the direct snap to Faulk while in motion and the Jets called time out...3rd and Goal. Drive peters out and get a field goal. Pats 3 Jets 0

4:40 2nd Jets drive goes nowhere Grahmn punts

4:45 2nd Pats far yards are even 76 Pats to 75 Jets. Cassel hitting lots of 2001 Brady-esq dump offs and short stuff. Marouney gets another Pats 1st down.


4:55 Pats drive stalls in the Red Zone but they are 2 for 2 on field goals. Pats 6 Jets 0

4:59 WTF is up with Steven Gostkowski? 3 BOOMING kickoffs!

5:06 Pats D comes up huge stopping Jones short of the end zone on 3rd and goal. Jets settle for 3. Pats 6 Jets 3

5:20 Pats and Jets trade Punts...Pats get ball at mid field after terrible Jets punt. Cassel limping OH NO!!!! Can we say Kevin o'Connell Era


Pats 6 Jets 3

Matt Cassel 9 - 13 for 96 yrds...9 - 10 not in Red Zone....0 - 3 in Red Zone...

Not a poor performance, pretty much what we expected from the Pats offense.

Start of 2nd Half and Lawrence Mauroney is out with a shoulder injury

Jets and Favre with the 1st turnover, Favre picked off by Merriweather.

6:00 Cassel with a nice screen to Faulk, 3 plays later, Morris over the top for the TD.

Pats 13 - 3



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