Monday, September 15, 2008

The NY Post needs you Jayson Blair

Jetribution, Brettribution, I guess the Post had to catch up with the Times in the "Which NY Paper can make more things up" contest. All of this talk about how the Jets were going to pay the Patriots' back for last season, and the seasons before that, was nothing more than Jets' fans and football "experts" letting the joy of the Brady injury cloud their vision of what the Jets are. They are a team that has a 38 year old QB who has more years on earth than days in the Jets' system. They have an offensive line that added one malcontent who finally got the contract he wanted and another player who got his contract and went into the crapper. (editor's note: they also got Damien Woody's appetite) They have a defense with no playmakers and, oh yeah, this was a 4-12 team last year.

Certainly if the Jets are to make a run for the division title, this year with Brady out is the year to do it. But what the hell was with all of the prognosticators "Wes Welker and Randy Moss will not make an impact on the offense", um, yeah, because how would a backup QB, just trying to figure things out, benefit from a guy who commands double teams and can stretch the field, and another guy who is a playmaker in the middle of the field and excels in the short passing game? You're right, Brady had it so much easier in 2001 when he was throwing to Troy Brown and David Patten. And nevermind that the Jets barely beat a horrid Dolphins team last week. I mean come on Jets fans, you of all people should know how much Pennington sucks and that even a decent performance by him is a indication that your defense couldn't stop the Ohio State Buckeyes.....oh but wait, they didn't have Beanie Wells.

The Jets are an improved team, but the NY media has built this team up to be more than what it is, a third place 7-9 team. That's right......third place.......everyone seems to forget that another AFC East team--that actually plays its games in New York--was in the playoff chase last year until 3 straight losses dropped them from everyone's radar.

Buffalo, the home of sports talk radio hacks, is the team to contend with the Pats for the same reason that nobody is talking about them. They didn't go out and make any splashy moves in the off-season (amazingly Marcus Stroud did not generate the same buzz Favre did, weird). The Bills were decimated by injury last year and all they needed to do this off-season was get healthy and make a few moves. Now, with everyone healthy and Trent Edwards a year more experienced, the Bills are the best team that no one is talking about.

Sure, you can question their two wins because they played a Seattle team that had no receivers and a Jags team that had no offensive linemen, but you cannot question how well the offense has played against a decent Seattle defense and a Jags unit that was suppose to take them to the Super Bowl, and Trent Edwards made them look average (which is an improvement or JP Losman).

So, with the spotlight centered on a Jets team that has to answer the questions of fans and media alike as to how they could not beat the Brady-less Patriots, the Bills are poised for a 10 win or better season and to challenge the Pats. I wonder if talented NY writers such as Steve Serby catch on to which AFC East team is the legit playoff team if they will call it.................Billtribution??? Oh god, my jokes are as lame as Serby's writing.

Author's Note: Despite the loss of #12, I, unlike another author who posts on this site who did not cry after ECU went 2-0, does not play poker nor is named Jeff but whom will remain nameless, did not abandon our Patriots. I would also warn against those who did, as they could suffer a Charlie Weiss like knee injury jumping bandwagons so much.



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