Monday, September 15, 2008

The First Meeting of the "Matt Cassel Fan Club"

This will be the first Monday morning meeting for the "Matt Cassel Fan Club". Without further ado here comes the president, Matty...

Matty: Thank you, thank you. It was a very successful day in Patriots Nation yesterday, as Matt Cassel did what he is supposed to do, not screw up. I will address questions and concerns now.

Drunk Guy In Back Pounding a Miller High Life 40 oz in a Brown Bag: Didn't you pick the Jets on your radio show yesterday to win the game?

Matty: Yes I did, however, I did it in the best interests of the MCFC and Pats Nation.

DGIBPAMHL40IBB: How is that in the best interests of MCFC and Pats Nation?

Matty: Well, to be honest, generally everything I touch turns to crap, and I became very concerned that becoming President of the MCFC would be detrimental to the young man's career and in turn, the Patriots. It's called reverse psychology.

DGIBPAMHL40IBB: (mutters an obscenity, burps, and then screams something about his fantasy football team losing by triple digits as he storms out of the room)

Matty: Ok then. The good out of yesterday-no turnovers, he seemed to have a good grasp of the short passing game and how to use Wes Welker, and the running game managed to take some pressure off. The negative-he under threw Randy Moss on a deep ball, and he must keep Moss involved in the game or risk him drifting. I give Cassel a B+ for his individual effort yesterday. That will now adjourn this week's meeting. I look forward to him throwing at least 2 touchdowns against Miami, keeping Randy Moss happy, and keeping the Pats in the win column. Until next Monday...


Anonymous said...

I am drinking Newcastle in support of our QB....unlike some who bail at the first sign of trouble.


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