Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Morning Quick Hitters

#12 Boise State keeps its BCS hopes alive all while staying in the drivers seat in the WAC with a 33 - 16 win over Fresno St.

Rich Rodriguez finalizes 6 year deal with the Wolverines.

The World Series moves to Philly tonight ties 1 - 1. Weather may play a factor tonight, possibly eliminating an off day, causing games 3 - 7 to be played in 5 consecutive days. Charlie Manuel tries to calm everyone down.

Apparently up to 10 NFL players tested positive for banned substances.

Sources are telling ESPN, Carson Palmer done for season.

Santonio Holmes in a little trouble for "Special" Cigars...unlike Kevin Faulk...they are his.

Isiah Thomas seems to be in yet another fishy situation

If this doesn't get you Boston Celtics fans ready....nothing will.



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