Saturday, October 25, 2008


So our Cover it Live blog is not working for some reason, so ummm yeah.

Anyway...we have 3:15 left in the first quarter...and Mark Masterson for UMaine just rolled with a pick six for 79 yards.

7-0 Maine in the First Quarter.

However, The Black Bears have missed a field goal and Northeastern has been moving the ball well.

End of the 1st Quarter: 7-0 Maine

-Well, not bad for UMaine. They haven't done too much on offense yet, but should be able to run the ball.

-Northeastern Quarterback, Anthony Orio already has two picks...the first going for six for the Blackbears. The second one coming on the one yard line. Maine's Norman Smith with the interception.

-Northeastern with the ball at the start of the second quarter...on the UMAINE 48.

-14:05 second quarter: Maine takes control after a punt from Northeastern. Orio nearly threw a third pick. Keep it on the ground can't throw

-12:46 second quarter: Maine driving with the football. Michael Brusko with his first completion of the day for a big gain. His second reception? A pass to himself for a loss of five.

-7:56 second quarter: Make it 14-0 UMaine. Brusko to Landis Williams from 14 yards out. A great drive that went for over 6 mins.

Brusko 4-6 45 and a 44 yards gained in the ground. Not a bad half so far.

-5:25 second quarter: Anthony Orio really wants Maine to have another interception. First, he throws into double-coverage...then throws one up for graps...then threw one into the hands of a linebacker, who dropped the pass. This could get ugly if Orio doesn't figure it out. Still 14-0 UMaine.

-2:00 second quarter: Maine with the ball back, but a big gain by Jarrod Turcotte is negated by a holding call. 3-10...pass completed to Turcotte for a big first down...1 min to go.

-:45 second quarter: After a big run by Brusko, a 1st and ten on the 28 for Maine. The Black Bears call a timeout, and still have one left.

-Halftime: 14-0 UMAINE...The Bears is a chippy field goal to close up out the half. So, Maine has looked solid...with the exception of the kicking game with two bad misses.

UMaine gets the ball to start the second half.

Stats at the half:

NU: Orio...7-19 93 yards...2 ints Broomfield...6 rush 41 yards Plum...2 rec 68 yards

Maine: Brusko...7-9 67 yards...1 TD Brusko...9 rush 66 yards Williams..2 rec 30 yards TD

Maine ball to start the second half

-12:50 third quarter: UMaine moving the ball well in the second half. First and 10 in NU territory. Turcotte getting the majority of the carries so far. Brusko continues to be efficient through the air.

-11:09 third quarter: Turcotte with a solid ten yard run to the six, but is coming back for holding. Penalty or no penalty, it seems to be just a matter of time for Maine to score. They are dominating the line.

-9:33 third quarter: Well, nevermind. NU nearly picks off a Brusko pass, then block a field goal. Could this be a momentum change? Still 14-0 UMAINE

Maine now 0-3 on field goal attempts

-9:00 third quarter:
Scratch that momentum change. Orio decided to try another one deep and Maine's Jonathan Calderon picked it off. Maine starting on their own 45. 14-0 Maine

-6:42 third quarter:
TOUCHDOWN MAINE! Brusko to Landis Williams again! This time a 39 yard Bubble Screen to the house...on a 3rd and 4.

Another missed kick! Jordan Waxman this time, with his first kick of the game, and goes wide left. Brutal kicking game for Maine today. 20-0 Maine

-6:24 third quarter:
New quarterback for the Huskies as John Spaerazza takes the snap. His first throw complete for a first down! Not bad.

Add insult to injury though, as on a first down play NU fumbles the ball for a loss of five yards, then picks up a personal foul. 2nd and 33 woohoo. AND THEN A RUNNING PLAY...and now 3rd and 35!

And an interception...first down Maine.

-4:07 third quarter: Jamaal Fluellen is back from injury and just ran for 37 and 42 yards on back-to-back plays for the Bears. Sadly, both were called back on holding calls.

-End of the third quarter: NU will have the ball to start the fourth quarter with 2nd and long. 20-0 Maine

-14:34 fourth quarter:
NU trying to get something going here. Tony Lott with a big first down catch. And now NU with the ball in Maine territory...though a procedure penalty changes that. 1st and 15 for midfield.

-13:00 fourth quarter: The Huskies gain another first down with a reverse to Greg Abelli. Add a 15 yard pass interference penalty on that. 1st and 10 for NU on Maine's 18.

-12:04 fourth quarter: On 4 and 10 from Maine's 15, Sperazza completes a short pass for roughly 3 yards. That won't help NU's cause. It also doesn't help when the receiver falls down with an open lane to the first down line. 20-0 UMaine...and the ball.

-8:45 fourth quarter: A huge stop for UMaine on a 3rd and short from the NU 35. Series push from the Bear defensive line and NU is stopped for a 4 yard loss on the play. NU has to punt.

-Game slowwwwiiiiiiinnnnggggg dooooowwwwnnnnn

-3:15 fourth quarter: Maien does have the ball with a 2nd and 19...pretty much done for. It will be interesting to see if they go for another field goal. Nope, on a 4th and 3 they go for it...and no dice. No trust in the kicking game for good reason.

-1:00 fourth quarter: Well this one is just about over. A good win for UMaine...and will go to 5-3 on the season. NU drops to 2-6. Hope you enjoyed it.



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