Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Big East Blitz

West Virginia: Nobody likes a blackout...but what about a White-out? Hey, it works for Penn State.

Louisville: Steve Kragthorpe continues to look for quick-fixes for the Cards. Juco-DB, Preston Pace has committed.

Pitt: There has been a Panther resurgence this season, as Pitt will be heading to a 2nd tier bowl game. The offense gets all the talk, but the emerging defense should be getting the spoils.

South Florida: It has been a very disappointing year in Tampa, but a win in Morgantown could lift some heads. The Bulls have had the blueprint to beat the Mountaineers as of late.

Rutgers: They have one five straight games...and have also covered five straight games. One of the hottest teams on the strip!

UConn: The Huskies have a big game with Pitt to close out the regular season. They will do it without Andre Dixon, who was suspended for violating team rules. They should be okay with Donald Brown.

Cincinnati: They may have already booked a trip to the BCS, but Brian Kelly won't let them fold. One more game in Hawaii this weekend.


Anonymous said...

ESPN reported last night that Kelly will take over for when Belloti leaves.

Chris said...

Gotta love the lack of the Rooney Rule in college.

Anonymous said...

The Rooney Rule wouldn't apply here because Kelly was named a succesor (I believe it has to be written into the assistant coaches contract that they will get the job when it comes available). So in theory, you could have the Rooney Rule and still not have one African-American coach interviewed if, in the NFL, all 32 teams had successors named.

But yes, I think the Rooney Rule needs to be implemented in college.


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