Monday, December 29, 2008

From Mangenius to Manmoron

Ah, ah geez guys, guys, I am going to get fired for this

Of course Mangini got fired. The Jets were the biggest disappointment in the NFL this year. The Jags? Look at how beat up their line was. The Boys? No chemistry and their QB went down for 3 weeks. Name any team you want, and none of them will have had the red carpet rolled out for them with a trip to the playoffs at the end of it.

First, the Jets and the rest of the AFC get the luck of the draw with schedule, getting both the NFC and AFC Wests–two divisions whose teams went 21-59 out of their own divisions. But what do the Jets do? Go 3-5 against those teams--let us remember the OT game in Oakland when you failed to score on three possessions. Sure they had 4 games on the West Coast, but so didn’t the Pats, and they went 3-1 unlike the Jets at 1-3.

If that wasn’t enough they brought in a ton of talent in the off-season with guys like Vernon Gholston, Calvin Pace, Kris Jenkins, Alan Faneca, Dustin Keller, Tony Richardson....and then they got the granddaddy of them all, Brett Favre. The QB Jets fans had yearning for since Broadway Joe. It appeared that this team that finished 4-12 would finish at least 8-8, maybe even 9-7.

Then the Jets got the biggest break, er, tear, they could’ve asked for--Tom Brady goes down for the season. The man that made the Patriots go was down for the season with just former 7th round pick Matt Cassel to take over. Then Rodney Harrison goes down in Week 6, followed Adalius Thomas in Week 10 and Tedy Bruschi in Week 14. It got so bad for the Pats that they had to pull Junior Seau off of a surfboard to play. Sure the Pats finishing 11-5 speaks more their resiliency than it does to the Jets collapse....BUT THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE THE YEAR FOR THE JETS. Forget the surprising Dolphins and the underachieving Bills, you finished two games behind your chief rival in a year when you should have blown them out of the water.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the second half meltdowns of all meltdowns. You are 8-3 and coming off a win in Tennessee, their first loss of the year. Some are wondering if the Jets are the best team in the AFC and, with their light 5 game stretch to end the season, the team that will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Then New York goes out, crawls into bed, and takes the biggest, steamiest dump in its own bed by going 1-4 to close out the season against the Bills, Broncos, Niners, Dolphins and let’s not forget about that awful showing in Seattle.

I mean what the hell. Let’s recap. Light Schedule–check. Ton of talent brought in, including a QB that everyone in NY had been clamoring for–check. Chief rival loses starting QB year with the guy from Lucas coming into play–check. 8-3 with a game lead after week 12–check. And what do fans in New York get? A 9-7 team that finishes two games behind a MASH unit and a team that went 1-15 last year and signed the QB you let go to make for “Broadway Brett”.

It would be nice to see Mangini come back to the Pats. The Hoodie could always use a juice box boy



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