Monday, December 01, 2008

NFL Shop-Things You Can Customize?

In the wake of people trying to customize their own "Harris Smith #17" Giant's jersey's, Danks, McLovin and myself were trying to see what jerseys (and other merchandise) can be customized. Michael Vick and Ron Mexico #7 Falcons jerseys are not allowed, Harris Smith #17 jerseys are not allowed, you can't get "Pacman" on a Cowboys jersey, you cannot get a Lawrence Phillips Rams jersey (OJ Simpson can be had, however) , if you would like to build a Rae Carruth Panthers jersey on the other hand, you CAN do that. If you need a quick history lesson on Carruth, click here. Basically, he is the scummiest person ever to walk the earth. So I can rock the Rae Carruth? A convicted felon who was found guilty of using an instrument to destroy an unborn child, shooting into an occupied vehicle, and conspiracy to commit murder? Say what? Someone needs to make this right. That someone is going to be the Central Maine Sports Blog.

UPDATE(10:22 AM 12/2/08): NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Central Maine Sports Blog that the NFL will "look into it and address this properly." He was very cordial in his response and responded very quickly. We will keep you updated on any other developments.

UPDATE (11:53 AM 12/2/2008): NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy has followed up with the Central Maine Sports Blog in regards to "jersey-gate".

"There are a number of jerseys that fans may not order online, including the ones you cite below (Michael Vick, Harris Smith, Ron Mexico, Lawrence Phillips). Those names are blocked immediately by a computer program which (unfortunately) is not all inclusive and may miss names from time to time. So a fan could type in names on the screen which would make it appear that he/she could purchase it. However, if a fan followed through with an order and attempted to purchase the jersey of a player like you named, we would catch it manually and would not make the jersey or ship the order. The fan would receive a notice that the order would not be fulfilled. Bottom line, you would not be shipped a jersey with the names you cited (Rae Carruth, Art Schlichter, OJ Simpson)."

So sorry sickos, no Rae Carruth jersey for you!



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