Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Will the NFL be seeing Red Next Fall

When the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers square off in 2009 in England, those US sports fans who have not been privy to the culture of European Soccer may just get that chance next fall–and it will have nothing to do with the game. You see, Bucs owner Malcolm Glazer took controlling interest of the English Premiere League’s (and perhaps Europe’s) most well known professional football club, Manchester United in 2005–and well, this drew a slight response from the Red Devil faithful.

Ranging from the subtle....

To the slightly more harsh

Though not all forms of discontent were seen through visual imagery. Some fans even channeled their best Gavin Rossdale at games.

Though Man U has continued its winning ways, the fact that Glazer's "other" team will be on display in England could spark a fire with those fans still resentful of Glazer's takeover. Hopefully the NFL is fully aware of the potential disruption, and that European Soccer fans can go just a little beyond tossing snowballs and taunting players.



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