Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He adds different dimensions...just not sure which

For those who saw the box score, Brian Scalabrine did in fact finish a mere 8 boards and 8 assists from a triple double in the Celtics' 115-109 win over the Toronto Raptors. Scal, who is splitting time with Leon Powe, is going to see additional minutes with starting center Kendrick Perkins out with an ailing shoulder.

While Boston's bench has about as much depth as Coach Norman Dale's in his first game against Oolitic, the Boston media is trying to put a positive spin on Scal's increased role.

Globe writer Matthew Lee wrote this:

The Celtics' inside defense will not be as formidable without Perkins. But Scalabrine adds other dimensions to the lineup.

And what dimensions does he add to the line-up, other than his 6'9" opie like frame? Lee continues with a qoute from none other than the man himself.

"Perkins is big-time defensively, especially at the rim," Scalabrine said. "As far as a guy driving, [Garnett] can get up there and challenge shots high.

"But I'm not going to be out there taking shots away from the rim. As a group, we need to play better position defense, just keep going, keep playing, and keep making shots. Definitely, offensively it's different."

Uh, yeah, I would have some trouble coming up with some examples as well. But seriously Scal, these are your 15 minutes (or 20 plus according to the last two games), take a cue from another red-haired Boston big man, and tell em how you're gonna throw it down big man. At least that $3.2 million per is being put to good use.



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