Friday, July 17, 2009

Red Claws Coach Announcement Tuesday?

The inaugural coach of the Red Claws? Not so fast.

Update 11PM: Jon Jennings, GM and President of the Red Claws, emailed me tonight to let me know if the story posted by Ridiculous Upside was true-

"No. No one has signed a contract to (be) coach of the Red Claws. We will make an announcement hopefully next week. As you know, Austin Ainge is a candidate, which I confirmed last week."

Update 6PM: Jana Spaulding from the Red Claws would not confirm Ainge has been named head coach, but did confirm that there would be an announcement Tuesday.

Update 5 PM: The website Ridiculous Upside has a headline stating that Austin Ainge has been named as the head coach the Maine Red Claws.

The radio deal is done, the parquet is finished, and over 1000 season tickets have been sold. Next on the agenda, hiring a head coach. Rumors point to the next guy being Austin Ainge, who has a pretty well-known dad. Currently a scout for the Boston Celtics, Ainge coached at Southern Utah and played for BYU.

According to Jana Spaulding, Director of Public and Community Relations for the Red Claws, "We should have an announcement early next week (in regards to the head coach search)".

We hope to have the announcement before anyone else (like the affiliation news), so stay tuned to the CMSB for updates.



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