Sunday, September 06, 2009

Mark Sanchez went to USC, right?

Mark Sanchez, the latest savior of the train-wreck known as the New York Jets, made an appearance at good friend Scotty McKnight's college game against Colorado St (McKnight play for the Colorado Buffaloes). That's all well and good to be on the sidelines supporting your friends, but do you have to dress yourself in Buffs gear? I'm not saying wear your USC hat, but maybe a a plain Nike shirt or something? Maybe this is Sanchez's way of getting back at Pete Carroll for his behavior at Sanchez's press conference announcing he was coming out for the draft. Or perhaps Sanchez is just dirty. (See what I did there? Yes, I know, it's awful, and it brings up horrible Dustin Diamond sex tape images)


Unknown said...

relax, he was just supporting his best buddy! Maybe trying to be low profile???


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