Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rex Ryan Wants Jets' Fans to Get Loud

Rex Ryan left New York Jets' Season-Ticket Holders this voicemail..

I honestly don't even know where to start. The Jets have the largest media market in the country, and their head coach has to resort to "Aw shucks help us out" voice-mails? Really?

"We really need you this week."

How many fans will storm the field drunk this week saying "But Coach Ryan said he needed me?" I put the over/under at 6.5.

"I've already said they have the better coach and better quarterback, but this week we'll find out who has the better team."

Oh, look at that, Ryan is being honest? OK, I'll cheer louder now.

Listen Jets fans, you beat the Texans last week. The Texans. You beat Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak. You faced no in-game adversity and an opponent that was flatter than month-old beer. Everyone wants to put Mark Sanchez's name on the Rookie of the Year trophy. Remember week 2 last year? Matt Cassel came to town and the Jets were going to show everyone who the new kings of the AFC East were? How did that go? Oh, wait it didn't. I can assure you the Pats win this game by two touchdowns. What a Pop Warner move here. This is the NFL. If you need your head coach to call to you so you make noise, you should stop going to games. Holy crap.



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