Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Matty Picked the Denver Broncos to Win AFC West

Tired of hearing about how the Broncos were the team no one picked? Well, one guy did. It was Matty on September 8th, fillinf in on the PM Jab. The proof is in the audio below. (He picks them to be 10-6 and has no faith in Kyle Orton, but still)


Dick said...

Gee Matty, maybe you were the only one to pick Denver as AFC West champs. I am amazed by the defense with Elvis Dumervil going crazy to the passer. Ten in 6 games...my goodness! Kyle Orton has proven to be a good game manager and the Broncos are running the ball effectively. In my last blog post, I had denver as one of the better teams in football and they have proven it thus far.

MattyMSM said...

Dumervil is excellent, and a guy like Mike Nolan can actually use him properly. Dwight Freeney has proven undersized pass-rushers can be in effective in this age, and Dumervil is proving it, too.


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