Monday, November 23, 2009


We at CMSB Media have a very long list of people thank for helping us to pull of a dream we had some 19 months ago. When the CMSB decided to turn the spotlight on the "fan" and "local" aspects of sports coverage, little did we know it would culminate in such a fun and quality broadcast of The 2009 Maine High School Football Championships Saturday from Fitzpatrick Stadium. With that, we have a boatload of people to thank.

First and foremost is our pals at MBR.ORG. Without Tom Nolette having the same vision and an amazingly talented guy like Mark Leclerc on the promotion side, the dream would not have been realized. Tom was the #1 driving force that helped lead us here, we can never repay him for the first of what we hope is many successes.

Second, our on-air broadcast team Alex Reed and Rob Munzing. They made our dream sound AMAZING! While I hope Alex is with us next year, I hope for his professional sake, he realizes his goals and moves up the ladder. We threw a lot of curveballs at Alex, he hit every single one out of the park. I dare anyone to tell me they weren't excited by Alex's calls of some of the big Dirigo plays, and if you weren't, you simply aren't a sports fan. What can I say about Coach Munzing..We can't come up with the words. What he meant to this broadcast can never be expressed. Coach, we sure hope to do more of these, because you made everyone better just by being there. We could not have dreamt a better team up.

We need to thank the man that let us on air in the first place, Dave Patterson of WJZF-LP in Standish. Dave let 2 guys off the street do a radio show on his community station. Dave is a good man who needs help keeping that station afloat. Anyone that can financially support a true community treasure, visit WJZF.ORG to see what you can do. Without David, we never would have ben allowed in the door at The Big Jab, he deserves huge credit.

Next, Everyone at 96.3 The Big Jab! First, we need to thank Jon Van Hoogenstyn for allowing this broadcast to happen at all. His trust in Tom, which transferred his trust in us to produce a product with quality the 100,000 watt station deserved, is very much appreciated. Dave "Shoe" Schumacher trusted a bunch of rag tag guys to not make his station sound silly. He provided not only professional but personal support through this whole process, as true a pro as ever there was. We hope we provided a broadcast that lived up to something your late partner would have been proud of. Our former Weekend Warm-Up co host, Chris Sedenka has done nothing but be there for us every step of the way. He offered us on air help throughout the broadcast and we can never thank him enough for every level of support he has offered to us. Special thanks to DJ Abisalih for his outstanding work at the station. There was not 1 blip during the broadcast, during which we were forced to do things a little differently than we would normally do. He made it all come together and sound fantastic. Joe Palmeiri, who let us in the door at Chicago Dogs when we were broadcasting for WJZF, once again came up big with food for everyone involved Saturday, has always supported us throughout this process, so a hat-tip to him as well.

Thanks to voice man extraordinaire Dude Walker for giving us the sound of respectability after a crisis. If you need a commercial or any voice work, Dude Walker is worth every penny! Visit Dude

We need to thank Josh Shea and his outstanding staff at the Independent. They provided the infrastructure that allowed us to do some of the on-air things that made the sound of our broadcast worthy of broadcasting. His team came through in the pinch and they deserve a monstrous thank you for that. Without this very talented group, no bells and whistles would have been possible, they helped be that much better.

Fairpoint Communication
also came up big. They really came up big in supplying a phone line for us to make the broadcast possible.

The MPA gets a shout-out here as well. We hope they were happy with the broadcast and the exposure it got for the teams and athletics in this state, and because we all have the best interests of the student-athlete in Maine at heart, we look forward to working with them on these broadcasts again real soon.

We need to thank our families the most. They supported us through every step of the process, which was very very time consuming. You guys are the only reason we do any of this.

Lastly but not least, we need to thank our sponsors. Please visit their websites, buy their products, because they supported the return of High School Sports to the Southern Maine airwaves for the 1st time in over 20 years.

Yankee Ford
Wilderness House
Southern Maine Renewable Fuels
Gilbert's Chowder House
ERA Today
Dr Stereo
Danielle's Diner
RAM Construction
George Jones Painters
CR Tandberg
Gowen, Turgeon and Lutje
Mario's of New Gloucester
Charlie Beigg's
MPM Sealcoating
Heaven and Earth Day Spa
Oxford Federal Credit Union
Donna's Gift Emporium
Ellis' Variety
Twin River Building Supply
Blue Moose Café
Franklin Savings Bank
Raymond's Redemption
Pete the Plumber
Northland True Value
Turner Publishing
Turner Trimmers
Portland Sea Dogs
Chicago Dogs
And Northland Just Ask Rental

Thank you one and all for helping us realize a dream and provide the people of Maine a great day of High School Sports on the radio. We will be calling again real soon as CMSB Media and MBR.ORG have a couple of tricks left up their sleeves. We look forward to this being a yearly event.



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