Monday, November 23, 2009

Get Off the Shed! Matty's Rantings and Ravings

This is going to be a fun week at the CMSB, as we bathe in the afterglow of a job well done with the Maine State Football Championships last Saturday (more on that later today). Today we are going to start something I want to start doing every Monday from here on out, bitching about things that irritated me over the weekend. I warn you now, I am generally a cranky person, so be forewarned.

1.UNH comes back to beat UMaine, again.

Once again, the Wildcats came back to beat the Black Bears, this time 27-24, and once again, they maintain control of the Brice-Cowell musket. If you look at the stats, there is no way in hell UNH should have won this game, and that has become a recurring theme with the Black Bears this season. I know they changed their offensive scheme half-way through the season, but they lost many a winnable game this season (UNH, Albany, Delaware stick out to me) and blew a lead in seemingly every game. I hope this was a building year, and the fruits of the labor for this young team show up next year, but it was sad to see a guy like Mike Brusko, who has done so much for this team, end his football career in Durham. (By the way, Mike has an open invite to write for the CMSB whenever he wants, and an open invite for the Weekend Warm-up)

2.Jovan Belcher makes a huge play in Pittsburgh/KC game, nobody gets to see the highlight
I love NFL Network. Love it. I specifically pay Directv for my television service for the right to watch it, and it is the number 1 of 5 reasons I have Directv over local cable (by the way Giants fans here in Maine, enjoy not seeing your team on Thanksgiving night. No, you may not come over to my house and watch it. Unless you bring a keg). With all that said, UMaine alum Jovan Belcher, an undrafted free agent who is now playing key minutes for the Kansas City Chiefs, made a HUGE defensive play on Rashard Mendenhall in overtime, forcing a Pittsburgh punt. The Chiefs subsequently drove down the field and won the game. Now, would you like to guess how many times I saw the Belcher play in highlights on ANY show? One. Guess who showed it? NFL Network. Know how much of Maine gets NFL Network? Not a hell of a lot. (Belcher is from West Babylon, NY and I know TW is a big deal out there, too). We are going on 5 years of this pissing match between TWC and the NFL. Enough is a enough. If Comcast and the NFL can reach a deal, there is no excuse for TW and the NFLN not to have the hatchet buried. NFL fans are losing out big time here, and now that the NFL Network has all of its studio shows in HD and it has the most comprehensive postgame show, people are getting shafted. (In fairness, ESPN does a great job with their Monday night postgame, but since Primetime went off the air, their Sunday night postgame is lacking badly). Get with the ballgame, TWC.

3.Ken Rosenthal and his Mike Lowell rumor from Sunday night..

This is biggest crock of obvious I have ever seen. I despise Rosenthal anyways, as his weekly segments with Dale and Holley are usually an adventure in cell phone coverage and background noise (you know you are going to be on the air, how about you block off 20 minutes so that you can be in a quiet area with some cell coverage, or use a land-line, Captain Unprofessional). Gee, the Red Sox would like to unload Mike Lowell? No friggen way!!! They'd even pay half of his contract? You mean teams aren't lining up to pay Lowell full price when he can barely move? SHOCKING!!! Here's a rumor I will break right now, "Red Sox would deal David Ortiz if some team pays his entire contract". Can I get a headline on MLB Trade Rumors, too? Jesus Jumped up Christ.

4.To the New York Jets and (Most of)Their Fans (Not Named Javier Gorriti)...

Pray to everyone that Mark Sanchez has a career as good as Ken O'Brien, because at this point, that would be as much as you can expect. Maybe this week Rex Ryan can cry in pne of his phone calls to pump up fans. Jack-asses. There was nothing more satisfying to watch your pitiful band of crap leave Foxboro with their tail tucked between their legs. Enjoy your top 15 pick this offseason, perhaps you can get someone as impactful as Vernon Gholston again.

5.Dear Celtics, Stop Sucking
Many of you know I don't like the job Doc Rivers has done over the years, and I am convinced they won the 2008 title in spite of him, not because of him. Friday night, he was once again out-coached by Stan Van Gundy, which is the coaching equivalent to losing a poker game to Art Schlichter. This team has way, way too much talent to be losing games at home. No way a game against the Knicks should come down to the buzzer. Maybe it's early, maybe they are doing the San Antonio Spurs-type sleepwalk through the regular season, but something is not clicking right now. Ubuntu my ass, how about coaching some offense and stop pissing off the refs so that this team can actually get a key call at some point.



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