Monday, December 14, 2009

Lackey To #RedSox, Bridge Better be Well-Built

In news first broken by Ed Price from Fanhouse and the shortest man in sports media, Ken Rosenthal, John Lackey is in Boston to take a physical that should be the prelude to an AJ Burnett-type of deal (5 years 82.5 mil).

This is a very outside the box move by Theo. On one hand, this may mean there is no money lft over for a bat. On the other hand, pitching generally wins championships, and a rotation of Beckett, Lester, Lackey and a WBC-type Dice-K would be a killer to face. It also might mean that Clay Buchholz could be included in a deal for a slugger (Adrian Gonzalez?) without wrecking the 2010 rotation. Regardless, w/ Lackey's apparent signing, the "Bridge to Nowhere" better be well-built for the hefty pitcher. (I can say that because I'm large, too.)

I also think this means the end for Jason Bay. How will he and his agent to react to the news Boston signed Lackey to a deal before him? Get your popcorn ready, gang.

UPDATE: Portland Maine's pride and joy, Jerry Crasnick, has an update over at ESPN.


Dick said...

I like the idea of getting Lackey, which means potentially the best rotation in Major League baseball. This may open the door to trading for Adrian Gonzalez or perhaps signing Adrian Beltre.


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