Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Maledictions

I haven't been this depressed over a win since Bernard Pollard ended the season in week one last year (by the way, Pollard had a 70 yard Int return yesterday. Karma is a fickle whore). With that, off we go...

Dammitt, Randy...

By now we have heard everyone's take on Randy Moss's crapfest of a game yesterday. The good news is the Patriots won in spite of it, which may be the best way to handle it. Why? Because for a guy like Moss, who is as emotional as my 6 month-pregnant wife, sometimes it is a nice wake-up call to remember that this team can win without you. By the way, let's all thank the Carolina Panthers for telling us they thought Moss had quit. I mean, let's face it, if there is one team that can spot a quitter, it's an entire team of quitters (Oh, hi Julius Peppers getting blocked by Chris Baker).

I expect this to be a turnaround game for Moss, and perhaps we look back on this as the low point for the season and it can only go up from here. (My goodness the Kool-Aid tastes extra good this morning!)

Oh, you cheeky Giants...

What's worse, losing like the Patriots did on a Monday night to New Orleans, or handing a win to a division rival in primetime like the Giants did last night? The Philadelphia Eagles are not the New Orleans Saints, but they certainly looked like it against the Giants last night. The Eagles aren't going to beat Minnesota or New Orleans, but they are probably going to win a division that's full of underachievers and should be breaking in two new head coaches next year in Washington and Dallas. To put up 38 points and lose in this league is unacceptable, and the Giants lost their chance to patch this together and make another late season run. On the bright side, Eli Manning, who has been playing with an awful foot injury and dealing with inconsistent play from his receivers all season, will now be able to attend his brother's playoff games, like he did in 2006.

Maine Black Bears hockey is back (kind of)...

Okay, so this isn't the Shawn Walsh team of old, but I have to give Tim Whitehead some credit. As many were calling for his head after last year's debacle, Whitehead has quietly turned the program in the right direction. The Black Bears have won 5 straight and are currently sitting with a 7-4-1 record in Hockey East, which matches their entire Hockey east win total of last season. If this team plays half this good in January and February, it would be an improvement over the same stretch from last season. Maine needs Black Bears hockey to do well, it's an identity, a staple, like the Packers are to Green Bay, the Cowboys are to Dallas, and the Red Sox are to New England. So for now, hats off to Whitehead for turning things around while many were waiting for his last day on his job. Let's see if this momentum can continue.

The Red Claws are off to a good start...

The Maine Red Claws, after an opening night loss in the Dakotas, have now won 5 straight after last night's come-from-behind win. It's clear that so far this team has been put together, from top to bottom, the right way. Austin Ainge is not only young and energetic, he also has a fantastic basketball mind and eye, and it seems as though he has no problems playing people from deep down on the bench (You know, that thing Doc Rivers NEVER does). They play a run and gun style that is entertaining for the crowds and should translate to wins.

The Virtual Waiting room to a Bridge Year

I have to give the Boston Red Sox credit. The can literally tell their fans "Hey, expect us to not win a World Series this season", and it is STILL impossible to get a ticket on the first day. I waited in that virtual waiting room for a very long time (6 of my twitter followers did as well) and never made it in to buy tickets. One of my followers said they never got through and had to buy by phone. After a week of non-deals and the very real possibility fan favorite Jason Bay isn't coming back, ticket sales were still strong, and people still showed up to fanfest at Fenway. Red Sox fans are among the most loyal in the world, and it is going to be very, very interesting how the fans react if Jeremy Hermida is the opening day left-fielder next season. On the bright side, if you guys all renew your Red Sox nation cards, maybe there will be enough money to sign a low-risk, high reward pitcher like Chien Ming Wang (I just had to duck a brick that was thrown at me).


jalbs said...

Here is your 2010 starting lineup as of today:

CF Ellsbury
2B Pedroia
3B Youk
DH Ortiz
C V-Mart
RF Drew
LF Hermida
1B Kotchman
SS Scutaro

The top 6 are very good (that's if Ortiz isn't the Ortiz of early 2009), but the bottom 3 are questionable to say the least. It sure doesn't excite me.

As for Moss this is typical of his history. When things get tough he checks out. It'll be interesting to see if Brady can get through to him.

MattyMSM said...

In other words, get your tickets for the Red Sox now!

I am convinced Moss is still trying to fight through his back injury. An injury like that doesn't just go away. He has missed a lot of practice this season getting treatment on it, but of course, no one in Foxboro talks about injuries. This team is 8-5 and is in the driver's seat for the division, I just can't fathom he would quit playing in week 14. I may be wrong, but I sure hope I am not.

jalbs said...

I hope you’re right Matty, but his overall body language is what prompted me to say that he has checked out. I don’t see any fire from him and when they show him on the bench he is by himself with a dejected look on his face. This is the same guy who said “I play when I want to play” when he was in Oakland. I know he and Brady have a great relationship so I hope Brady gets through to him. Look at Welker. The guy is always going 110%. It’s too bad that doesn’t rub off on others.

One thing I did like yesterday was getting Ben Watson involved. They had ignored him for the past month. It seems like the hot dog vendor is calling plays out there sometimes.

MattyMSM said...

I am beginning to think he is becoming depressed because he can't do the things he normally does due to his back. Time will tell, of course.

jalbs said...

Just read this:

"AOL FanHouse's Ed Price heard from a source that John Lackey will take a physical with the Red Sox. Price says he is "working to confirm" the rumor, but he found it Twitter-worthy."

Interesting if true.


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