Thursday, January 21, 2010

In The Crease With Javier Gorriti-Dare to Dream

San Diego 14 Jets 17. What?!?!

Last Sunday, the New York Jets did the unthinkable, they rose to the occasion. I don't say this as an insult to this Jets team with this head coachas much as I say this as a fan that has seen nothing but flops and failures. I had heard that in the past this team did rise to the occasion, at least once, but that was 41 years ago.

This is now. The Jets have the best defense in the NFL and certainly the best defense still playing in the post season. Gang green has the best running game left in the playoffs. We are led by a rookie QB and a rookie head coach. In a sport where those are the two most important positions, it is even more amazing to see the Jets 60 minutes away from their first SuperBowl in my lifetime.

Usually one would see this last piece as a weakness. I see it as bliss brought on by ignorance. Rex and Sanchez don't know that they aren't supposed to be doing this. They don't know that the Jets never really get it done. They are not waiting for the other shoe to drop like so many of their fans are. They are making me believe and I am scared.

Is the inevitable heartbreak looming? Is Sanchez finally going to give a game away in the playoffs? Will we fold under the pressure? I say NO! This Jets team has taken on the personality of their planetary head coach. Brash, fearless and tough. That's what the Jets are now. They tell you they are going to punch you in the face, they do so and then challenge you to hit back. Right now, teams aren't hitting back.

Does Peyton have the heart to hit back? Do the Colts have the fortitude to deal with the bullies in Green? Historically they have not. The years that the hated New England Patriots manhandled Peyton and the Colts,they had tough guys like Cox, Harrison and Bruschi. Peyton and the Colts left those games beaten and bullied. The Jets have similar type tough players. Bart Scott, Calvin Pace and Darrelle Revis will go after Peyton and Reggie early and often.

It's a brand new day in the land of the Green Machine. Rich Kotite, Pete Carrol, Lou Holtz and Ken O'Brien (editor's note:Blair Thomas) are distant memories. This weekend the Jets have a chance to erase all the ghosts, bad luck and bad karma surrounding this team for the last 41 years. We undoubtedly have the right man for the job in Rex Ryan. We have the right defense and team to take down the pretty boys from Indianapolis. This is our year!!

I hope.

Javier Gorriti is the co-host of the PM Jab with Chris Sedenka on 96.3 The Big Jab weekdays from 3p-7p. He once owned a pet hamster by the name of "Freeman McNeil".



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