Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday-Where Dave O'Brien Thinking Out Loud Happens

Photo Courtesy Bangor Daily News/Taken by Michael C York

If it was any more depressing outside I would rename Maine "Seattle"...

WZON held their annual Hot Stove night in Bangor last night, and were joined by Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien. Some of the more notable quotes-

In regards to Jason Bay- "Agents are the little devil on your shoulder whispering in your ear,” said O’Brien. “The Mets offered a little more money and he took it."

Clay Buchholz/Adrian Gonzalez- "“I think he’ll be traded to San Diego in the offseason [2010] for Adrian Gonzalez,” O’Brien said. “They love him and they can’t afford to keep Gonzalez."

The Celtics held off the Clippers with the help of some squeegees and KG (who shouldn't have been playing in those conditions, nor should he have been playing against the Clippers).

Trade rumors are swirling around the Bruins, with our good friend Joe Haggerty from CSNNE talking about Dion Phaneuf (and his gf Elisha Cuthbert) being mentioned and w/ Kevin Paul Dupont shooting down Ilya Kovalchuk rumors.

The Portland Pirates posted their "Week in Review" yesterday.

The Black Bears Hockey team is looking to get home ice advantage in the Hockey East playoffs



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