Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Awards

Player of the Week: Peyton Manning. Hard to argue against Peyton here. The commercial actor went for 377 yards with three TD’s in the AFC Title Game, putting it to the Jets’ dynamic defense. I know some people don’t care about passer rating, but when it’s over 123 in a playoff game? That’s special.

Team of the Week: South Carolina. Devon Downey and the ‘Cocks rocked the basketball world with an upset win over Kentucky. And now there are no undefeated teams, just lots of really overrated Big 12 teams.

Coach of the Week: Jim Boeheim. The ‘Cuse coach kept his team focused after trailing 14-0 early to a strong Georgetown team…then proceeded to watch his team beat the Hoyas down. And I’m sure he finished the night giving John Thompson that patented @#$%-eating grin we all know and hate.

Play of the Week: Zach's heave. Please Zach Randolph don’t hurt em!

Goat(s) of the Week: People who think Tim Tebow is an NFL quarterback. Tebow is not having himself a good week at the Senior Bowl. The Prophet has struggled with accuracy, arm strength, and even receiving the ball from the center. Todd McShay from ESPN doesn’t believe he’s close to being a starting QB in the NFL. But, all of this hasn’t stopped the Tebow Love Train, so expect him to go early in the draft to some idiotic team thinking he is Dan Marino.

Vindication of the Week: The ineptitude of Brad Childress. I called this years ago, as did many others. Chili just isn’t a head coach. You want an example? How about calling a time out, then getting flagged for 12 men in the huddle. Then calling a pass play when a simple draw could have set up the winning field goal. Don’t worry Vikings fans, Chili signed an extension earlier this year so you will enjoy his foulness for years to come.

Website of the Week: Hulu. I still can’t get over how great this site is. They have everything!!! Well, No “Duck Tales”

Technology of the Week: Final Fantasy on Wii. I downloaded Final Fantasy 1 today one Wii. It is such an amazing game that I want to take a week off to beat it again. I love being a nerd again.

Upcoming Game of the Week: Australian Open Finals. I will always have a place for the Grand Slams, and the finals are setting up to be spectacular.



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