Monday, February 15, 2010

Albany Getting US Senator Involved in Attempt to get Portland #Pirates

Well, this keeps getting better and better. According to the gang over at the Albany Times-Union, US Senator Charles E. Schumer has written a letter to Buffalo Sabres managing partner Lawrence Quinn to get the Pirates moved into Albany to replace the River Rats. An excerpt:

"I write today to whole-heartedly endorse an opportunity for the Portland Pirates to move to Albany, NY the capital of the Empire State and central hub of New York State’s Tech Valley. This exciting prospect would have the Portland Pirates assume the place of the departing AHL team. That team, the Albany River Rats, is part of rich hockey tradition in the Capital Region and I am confident that the Pirates can take up that mantle filling the demand for AHL hockey."

Well, thank you Senator for trying to suggest a team that already has a home should relocate to your home. If you would like to e-mail Senator Schumer, feel free to do so here.

Hat-Tip to DJ Abisalah for the link.



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