Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nate Robinson to #Celtics? Possible, and Here's How

So according to everyone, the Knicks are looking to trade guard Nate Robinson to the Celtics. Robinson has the ability to choose where he would go, and it is rumored his list is a short one- Lakers, Celtics, Magic. Robinson is also a Base Year Compensation guy, so orchestrating a trade is tricky. The Knicks, who are in full cap-clearing mode for this summer, only want expiring contracts in return, so Bill Walker and Big Baby are no-go's. Of the expiring contracts the Celtics have, Ray Allen's 18 mil deal isn't going to match-up, so it leaves Eddie House, Shelden Williams, JR Giddens, Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine as the likely options in a trade. House, TA, and Scal have the big contracts, while Giddens and Shelden are the two small contracts used to fill in the difference between contracts Let's use the handy-dandy ESPN Trade Machine to make a deal!

1: TA for Nate-Rob
This trade is a no-go. It is off by $775,000

2. Eddie House for Nate-Rob
This trade is also a no-go.

3. Scal for Nate-Rob
Nope, still doesn't work. Let's package some players.

4. Scal and Giddens for Nate-Rob
Still no.

5. Scal and Shelden for Nate-Rob
More no.

6. House and Giddens for Nate-Rob
Not happening.

7. House and Shelden for Nate-Rob
Another no.

8. TA and Giddens for Nate-Rob
The streak of no continues.

Finally, we have one that succeeds!

9. TA and Shelden for Nate-Rob

Now if the Knicks package someone else in a deal with Robinson to get House, a trade could be done.

10. House and Shelden for Nate-Rob and Marcus Landry

11. House and Giddens for Nate-Rob and Landry

The key it looks like is going to be Shelden Williams, so I hope "The Landlord" has an option to terminate his lease. Keep in mind the Knicks finishing up a deal toget the expiring contract of Tracy McGrady, so if they have to throw Landry into that, House can't be in a trade for Robinson. My eyes are crossed, I am going back to the 60 inch HDTV for awhile to watch some Celtics/Kings goodness.



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