Friday, February 26, 2010

What Do Doc Rivers and Alicia Silverstone Have in Common?

It's not the feather boa

After the Celtics latest second half collapse, the regular shift of writers and reporters "looking for answers" clocked in. The only problem? Doc Rivers doesn't have any answers. Check out what he said post-game, from's Gary Dzen...

"Celtics coach Doc Rivers was out of answers in reference to diagnosing his team's propensity to blow leads in the second half.

'There's nothing I can do about it," said Rivers. 'Obviously I'd like to prove it. We'd like to be better. But we're not right now, and we've just got to keep working on it. I know what we need to do. But one night it'll be defense, one night it'll be offense. So we've just got to be more consistent.'"

Could you imagine if Bill Belichick or Terry Francona said something like that after a loss? The outcry would flood sports radio phone lines from Bangor to Hartford.

I was in the vocal minority before the trade deadline, saying I wanted to see this team make a coaching change. A typical NBA coach has a shelf-life of 4-5 years. Doc is in his 6th season. It's tough to fault him too much due to the injury to Pierce, but once again he was out-coached by Mike Brown, who is considered in many circles an awful head coach (don't even start me on the Mike Woodson match-ups). Perhaps it is time to give Tom Thibodeau a shot as the head guy, maybe Clifford Ray could be given a chance, but one thing is for certain, this team's second half collapses and continuing bad habits fall on one guy, the guy who is supposed to getting that message across.

Boston Globe-Doc:"There's Nothing I Can Do"



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