Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kiss Your Baby Day Links

"Pick your head up, go home, kiss your babies, and I'll see you on Wednesday"-Randy Moss.

NASCAR continued their brand of Twisted Justice, putting Carl Edwards on a 3-race probation for nearly killing Brad Keselowski on Sunday. This is the same organization that took away points from and fined Dale Earnhardt,Jr for dropping an s-bomb in 2004. Hopefully Colin Campbell isn't reading the same book.

Michael Ryder's attempt to be a human zamboni ended with him crashing into Tim Thomas, giving the Maple Leafs a wide-open shot at the net and a 4-3 overtime win over the (as usual) short-handed Bruins.Zdeno Chara missed the game with one of those mysterious "lower body injuries".

The Celtics got another 4th quarter boat-racing, as the Milwaukee Bucks and Brandon Jennings hair beat them 86-84. Oh, and Glen Davis got dunked on pretty freaking badly.

The latest on the Pirates and the Scott Darling situation are here and here.



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