Sunday, March 07, 2010

#Pirates Update:Dineen Suspended Indefinitely, CCCC Trustees Decline Mediation

A couple of things on the Pirates.

1. Kevin Dineen has been suspended by the AHL indefinitely for his actions after Saturday night's game. He apparently gave referee Chris Cozzan a talking to after the game, and apparently the AHL didn't like what was said.

2. The CCCC Trustees declined an offer of arbitration from former owner Godfrey Wood in the ongoing "will they stay or go" saga. Petrovek was to supposed meet with Albany Times Union center officials during the 3 game road trip, but with the MAAC championships going on, it's possible he meets with them today (Monday), perhaps? Hopefully the drama ends this week.

ATU:AHL Suspends Portland Coach

PPH:Trustees Decline Offer of Moderation



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