Friday, April 16, 2010

Doom! Misery! Destruction!

Dear Bruins Fans:

I know that you’re probably freaking out after last night’s loss to Buffalo. How do I know? Because you’re all insane, myself included. To soothe your aching soul, I’m going to give you five reasons not to worry.

It’s only the first game. The beautiful thing about playoff hockey is that there are seven games. Seven! The B’s showed that they could play with Buffalo last night, especially in the second period. When they’ve lost 3, you may start freaking out.

Tuukka Rask is the second coming of Christ. Blasphemy, I know. Fortunately, I’m not religious. The point is there is no better goalie to face Buffalo and Ryan Miller, goaltender extraordinaire, than the Tuukkinator.

Buffalo doesn’t have many high scoring games. This sort of goes with Tuukka being the balls. Clearly the Bruins scoring abilities are mediocre at best. Buffalo has better scorers, but it’s rare that they have high scoring games. If our offense can get a little creative and Tuukka can keep making saves, we have a real shot to win.

Your blood pressure. You can’t worry. You’ll kill yourself.

Who cares if they win or lose? Blasphemy! Shut up. You can’t look me in the eyes and tell me that you thought the Bruins would even make it this year. And let’s be realistic, if they get out of this round, their next opponent will prove to be more of a challenge. Here’s the way I’m looking at it: this is great playoff experience for Tuukka. Next year, when we have Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin, we will make it to the playoffs again and with a better chance of winning multiple rounds.

Bruins fans are all really too high-strung. It’s the playoffs. Just enjoy them while they’re here.

-Samantha Lewis is a conference production assistant by day and a sports blogger by night. She will tell you not to worry now, but if the Bruins lose on Saturday she will have no hair left. You can read more from her at Beantown Athletic Supporters or follow her on Twitter here.



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