Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Our Masochist Readers, This One's for You - THE HOT CORNER

Hello Big Jabbers, let me introduce myself. I am the woman who has forgotten more sports than you will ever know.

I am the person who actually played sports and was damn good at it. I am the person who can still run to first base and not have to call for a designated runner, like many of you reading this blog.(Editor's note: Or publishing this blog)

In other words I am your worst nightmare. Also, just to let you know I am not a fat out of shape lesbian who has daddy issues. I am a genuine head turner, but you can only imagine because you will never see me. Why, you ask? Do you really think I want some of you guys who don't know how to spell deodorant, let used any, taking a second look at me. Think again!

For now I will have to be your fantasy girl. What you do with that information is up to you and please don't share it with me.

But, it is safe to say I am your worst nightmare. I know I said that 2 paragraphs ago but I figure most of you forgot that already. Your minds are having a tough enough time figuring out tonight's starting pitcher.

This first blog is just a way to introduce myself to you. Fell lucky I'm sure this is the closest many of you have gotten to a beautiful woman actually talking to you.(Editor's Note:I believe our own Samantha Lewis would disagree)

I am going to throw you a bone. I need a blog name. Something that will show who I actually am.

Hey fellas, anything with the words bitch, lesbian and mustache or any variation will be rejected. Got that? (Editor's note: My "Mrs. Bitchy Lesbian 'Stache" name has now been crumpled up)

Those are the guidelines. Run with it and see if you can catch me, even though I doubt you can.

--The Unnamed Blogger--


RedSoxFanatic said...

Ok..nice intro!

Now lets se you deliever the goods. I look forward to your keen insights in sports.

BTW - don't totaly give up on lesbianism. It certain circumstances it could be cool.

racingmaine said...

If she is as hot as she says I will be a daily reader! I'm ready bring it on missy!


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