Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Jets Week!

Which means that I probably won't be seeing my father!

Seriously though, for Patriots and Jets fans, what better week is there? Pats fans have been listening to Jets players and Rex Ryan run their mouths all summer. Jets fans have been... well, they've been listening to Rex Ryan run his mouth all summer too. But it has the opposite effect on them.

Yes, Rex Ryan is amusing. His constant cursing is something I can certainly relate too. His scheduling of snack time is something that makes me think he may not be all that bad. But then he talks too much. And then I feel an overwhelming need to rip his head off. Do not underestimate the damage that a small blond girl can inflict on a fat man.

Now, I have to be breif this week because I need to call Switzerland this morning, but I'm going to tell you what is going to happen:

It's definitely going to be a good match up. How will the Patriots' young defense fare against the Jets' biggest and baddest? Alternately, how will Mark Sanchez do against Tom Brady?

After last week, I'm relatively confident in the Pats defense. They're young and they're inexperienced, but they held their own. Plus, Mark Sanchez isn't exactly the QB Mastermind that Tom Brady is. I watch Tom Brady and I think, "This guy is a genius. He sees everything." When I watch Mark Sanchez I think, "Poor cupcake. He has no friggin' idea what's going on and no connection with his offense."

Our inexperienced defense is smarter than Mark Sanchez. Mark Sanchez showed last week that he just can't cut it when they're down. He's not half the leader that Tom Brady is, he can't look at the field when the Jets need one touchdown to win and lead his team to victory.

And as far as Mr. Darelle Revis goes: Go ahead and shut down Randy Moss. It's not something that I want to see happen, but if you shut down Moss, Brady can still pass to Welker, Edelman, Taylor, and GRONK! ... just to name a few. Moss is a great asset to the team, but he isn't the be all end all of scoring touchdowns.

Conclusion: The Patriots are going to kick some Jets ass. Sorry, Dad.

Samantha Lewis is a sucker for football season and Tom Brady, despite his Beiber-esque haircut. She has contacted Rex Ryan to arrange a duel, but her calls were never returned. You can follow her on Twitter here!



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