Friday, October 08, 2010

Bad Things Happen When Belichick Smiles

Maybe it's not a bad thing. I don't think I've decided yet. All I know is that when Billy Belichick showed his teeth, Randy Moss got traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

Let's just take a minute and look at the sequence of events:

  1. Week One: Randy Moss runs his mouth during the post-game press conference claiming that he feels under appreciated and that he is unsure of his future.

  2. Week Two: The Patriots lose a devastating game to the New York Jets. Moss scores a touchdown and has 38 receiving yards. Oh boy.

  3. Week Three: The Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills. Barely. Two touchdown passes, 42 receiving yards. Whatever.

  4. Week Four: The Patriots come back in the second half to slaughter the Miami Dolphins. Moss is a total non-factor. Bill Belichick smiles.

  5. Week Four and a Half: Moss is traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

So, Raaaandy started the season vocalizing his concerns about his status with the team, making for some quality entertainment, and essentially cementing his status as a Patriot. Now, I'm not saying that was the final nail in the coffin... oh, wait. Yes I am. If they were undecided on what to do with the infamously mouthy Randy Moss before that press conference, they had their answer afterwards. When the trade to the Vikings presented itself, they were more than happy to unload him.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Moss drew coverage away from players like Hernandez, Welker, and Edelman, giving Tom Beiber, er, Brady, more passing options. He made some of the most incredible and exciting touchdown catches Patriots fans have ever seen. He... well, I guess he didn't really do anything else. But with a team this young, is now the right time to be getting rid of all of your veteran players? If it wasn't a bridge year before, it certainly is now. I'm feeling like this whole "In Belichick We Trust" thing is getting old. My new motto is "Belichick: What the Hell?!" The Patriots exceptional offense could have made up for the work-in-progress defense this season. Now, while the defense is developing, the offense will be trying to figure out how to adjust their play. Super Bowl XLV? Probably not.

Who knows though. Stranger things have happened. At least we know how the Vikings season will end: With an intercepted pass intended for Randy Moss.

Samantha Lewis is a conference production assistant by day and a sports blogger by night. She thinks that Bill Belichick's teeth have special powers. You can follow her on Twitter here!



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