Friday, October 01, 2010

Boston has a Baseball Team?

Boston is finally headed into some of it's more exciting sports seasons. Football is well underway, and even the Patriots' mentally challenged defense can't ruin that for me. The Bruins are overseas for the last leg of the pre-season/start of the regular season. The Celtics have started practices, and despite my dislike for basketball, I think I'll tune in this season.

Oh, and then there's that baseball team. The one whose season is over. The Red Sox, was it? Huh. I forgot all about those sad sons of bitches.

I haven't watched much baseball this season. Maybe that makes me a fair weather fan, but baseball is slow enough without your team sucking. And everyone you love being injured. And your supposed "Ace" only winning SIX GAMES. SCREW YOU JOSH BECKETT.

In all seriousness, it wasn't that bad. No, really. Considering that half the team broke a vital limb and the Red Sox essentially became the Paw Sox this season, it could have been way worse. EXCEPT FOR YOU, BECKETT. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR YOU.

Anyway, to send these suckers off, let's look at some of the happier moments this season.
  • Daniel Nava's Home Run. Who doesn't love a feel good story? Nava hit his first pitch in his first at bat for a grand slam. Need I say more?
  • Jed. Jed Lowrie. Jed has the kissing disease - mono - for the beginning of the season. Honestly, none of us cared. Last season, he joined a long line of shoddy shortstops with injuries. This season, he hit 7 home runs in just a few months.
  • Mike Lowell's "Suck It" Hit. Remember when the Red Sox failed to trade Mikey Lowell at the trade deadline and then he went on the DL? Remember when he homered in his first at bat back? Yeah. Me too.
  • Ryan Westmoreland Pulls Through. Westmoreland was a promising prospect when doctors discovered he had a disease called angioma. He then underwent surgery to remove a mass of blood vessels in his brain. He could have died or become paralyzed, but today he is neither. He spent opening day in Theo Epstiens's box at Fenway.
  • Jon Lester: Red Sox Ace. Forget Josh Beckett, Jon Lester lit up the mound this season for the Red Sox. If a game was worth watching, it was a game that he was pitching.
  • Clayton Buchholz: El chupacabra. I love this ugly bastard. He's had some ups and downs during his career as a Red Sox, but this season he was on the upswing.
  • Beltre as the Unexpected HR Hitter. When he wasn't injuring his own teammates, Beltre was engaging in his other favorite past time: knocking balls into the stands.
  • It's over. Well, almost. But I think we'll all be glad when this season is officially behind us.

Samantha Lewis is a conference production assistant by day and a sports blogger by night. She enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, and the sound that a really good tackle makes. You can follow her on Twitter here!



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