Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Miami Fan From Last Season Sums Up the Feelings of Patriots Fans

While watching NFL Network run the highlight reel of Randy Moss touchdowns, I saw this gem in the background. To be honest, it's how I feel right now.

A big middle finger to Randy Moss, for sucking us in, making us believe for once in your career you'd be a professional who puts the team first.

A big middle finger to the Patriots for basically coming out today , while coming off of a huge win Monday night, and saying "We don't believe in the 2010 Patriots" (but we believe in 2011 if there's a season!).

A big middle finger to the NFL and the NFLPA for bickering over of millions of dollars and forcing guys like Moss to pull stunts like this to ensure their financial future because of a looming labor war that should have been averted by now.

So thanks, NFL Network, for pulling this highlight out of the archive. It sums it up perfectly. A big middle finger to everyone who played a part in this.

Enjoy your front-running QB-WR tandem, Vikings fans. A middle finger for you, too.



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