Monday, December 27, 2010

Mondays with Matty: Buffalo Soldiers

This week's edition of Mornings with Matty is brought to you by Vick's Vapo Rub. Vick's, when you want everyone to know you're sick just from the smell.

I was scheduled to be on the Morning Jab this morning, and although it seems coincidental, my throat turned into a constricted mass of ouch Saturday afternoon and is just now letting go. Mercifully, Jeff "The Eskimo" Schools was able to jump on and co-host the show. On the bright side, I haven't had to go outside yet. My dogs, however, will be up shortly, and unless they've magically learned to use the toilet overnight, it's not going to be pretty.

Very confused by the Patriots win yesterday. The Bills looked like they were going to run the Pats off the field on the opening drive, settled for a field goal, and then completely came off the rails. Why are you not using your rushing attack to attack a banged up Patriots front line? Why would anyone EVER trust Ryan Fitzpatrick? The Patriots got up 7-3, and it might as well have been 70-3. Good lord. The fans of Buffalo deserve better, and the folks who braved yesterday's weather deserved at least a competitive football game. Disgraceful.

The Patriots now get to play a meaningless regular-season finale. Many are expecting a couple of series apiece for the starters and then back-up duty the rest of the way. I think the starters play the majority of the way. Why? Because of the bye week. The Patriots first playoff game is 3 weeks away. As plenty of teams have showed in recent (Hi Indy!), you can't turn it on and off in this league. I think the Patriots treat this like any other week for the most part.

Match-up I most want to see? With San Diego finally crap-canned from the playoffs (the Chargers out of the Playoffs and Favre missing time due to injury in the same season?) I'd like to see Kansas City be the divisional round opponent. If the playoffs ended today, the Jets would travel to KC in the wild card round. Would love to see Patriots midwest meet the real deal in 3 weeks. Plenty of story lines, lots to talk about, and the inevitable Todd Haley screw-up that costs the Chiefs the win would provide fodder for months.

Unsung player of the week: Jarrad Page. Any safety on this roster who plays well and helps keep Big Bang Clock on the sidelines is alright by me.

Bad move of the week: Postponing Sunday Night Football. Why? Because the Ice Bowl, the Miami/Pats game in 2003, the Patriots/Raiders (Tuck Rule) game, the Patriots/Titans playoff game in '03, were all played in either subzero, dangerous temps or in snow that caused travel problems. This is a league that plans every single detail, and they didn't have a plan in place before Friday? Really? Ridiculous. Oh, and I guarantee you this leads to a movement for Tuesday night football at some point, because the ratings for this on a week filled with repeats might be insane.


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